Sunday, August 26, 2007

Moving Forward

There is no way anyone could say that this past Saturday night in Deep Ellum was "just like the good old days". Whatever the hell that means. (Personally I am sick to death of people wanting things to be like the good old days... I mean come on. It's like Dallas has permanent old timer syndrome when it comes to this part of town.)

No, Saturday was not at all like the good old days, it was something different, something new. Deep Ellum is more like an organic family these days, rather than just a place to party or see shows.

Some of us are rich, some of us are poor. Some of us are creative, some of us appreciate creative ventures. We are people that have something very special in common. We care about our neighborhood. Whether we live here or make our way out every weekend, it's OUR neighborhood. We don't want to see our culture wiped away by some ridiculous strip mall.

THAT is what makes this place so damned important, so damned special. We care, and that simple emotion is what has brought together groups like DEEP, Town Square Project. "Obscenely Unseen", all new galleries and studios, all the family-owned restaurants and unique shops, and all the venues that are still having shows, still fighting where many have given up.

Saturday night four very special events occurred, that by themselves were neat, but together spawned an energy more powerful than I've seen in years, if ever.

A few important things that occurred:

Saturday I saw the Backsliders for the first time ever.

It was my first art show.

My friend Richard Ross had his solo show, which ruled.

I discovered a great band from Denton called The Grass Fight.

I got to hang out at Space with a TON of fun people.

I saw all the hard work that everyone involved in Town Square put in pay off. (They had music, art, fashion show, break dancers, and that's all I caught)

I found out that my scorpion earrings came from a flight attendant (thanks Gretchen).

I actually got to hang out with my boyfriend for the first time in what seemed like forever.

I wish I had more pictures to show you what occurred, but in the middle of the Backslider's set, my camera broke. I was; however, able to get a few photos tonight off my camera (and I think I still have the warranty somewhere). Wish I had more, but this is the best I can do for you.

Thank yous:

Mikey, C. Kirk, Danny, Hal Samples, Brandon, and every single person involved in "Obscenely Unseen".

The Grass Fight for being awesome.

Richard Ross for being a bad ass, and Kirk, Sergio, Frank, Amber, Frankie, Erica, and everyone who was at Kettle for also being general bad asses.

Johnny, Joe, Alex, Lee, Priscilla, Joe, Camille, Tom, Rob Jr., Paul, Rhonda, Ruth and All the wonderful people who busted their butts (especially Johnny) to make Town Square work, and work well.

Mike, Judith, Laura, The Backsliders and everyone over at All Good.

Every single person who had a great time, and especially those who put up with me getting hammered on three glasses of wine and one beer (first drinks in three months... I'd say sorry, but, eh, it happens to the best of us).

Mitchell. I love you.


Cindy said...

Wow. This post really makes me long for Dallas. It's places and people like Frank Campagna and Hal Samples and Danny Reid and Reid Robinson and SPACE and Kettle Art and AllGood...sigh...thank you Alison for allowing me to live vicariously through you...


missinformation said...

Thanks for the shout-outs to Obscenely Unseen. It was a good show and I think everyone was pleased with it, so thanks for coming out! For some pix and video, check out

The Grass Fight said...

Very cool post, blog, and paintings, Miss Alison, and thanks for the kind words. It was definitely an afternoon/evening worth reminiscing.

I actually have been to the blog before and really enjoyed it. I just didn't put it together when you mentioned it. Anywho, keep it real and we'll talk to you soon.