Friday, August 17, 2007

House Party

Why the heck are all these neat shows/events going on during the ONLY Saturday night I am indisposed serving drunk whinny people food this month? Does some jerk have a copy of my work schedule? (I am raising my fists at this imaginary person as I write this... well one of them.)

If you can't go to Studio Fling or ArtClub this Saturday, and happen to be in the Denton area, stop by 411a Panhandle (exit Ft. Worth Dr/Carroll off 35, and go north and turn right on Panhandle) for a HOUSE PARTY. Some of the best gigs I've seen lately are at house parties, and this one features Fishboy, The Tah-Dahs, Patience Please and MC Router. Oh, and you can say goodbye to three guys named Matt. (Or hello, as the case may be.)

Here's a video about the notorious Fishboy and one of the Tah-Dahs I found on You Tube for your enjoyment, and to get you psyched for the par-tay:


Anonymous said...

hmmmm.....I am assuming you are not talking about me and my wife as we normally come in for sunday brunch more whineing. Joe

Alison said...

Nah, you guys are cool. I was referring more to the night drunkies.