Friday, August 24, 2007

Four Things To Do Tonight: All Within Walking Distance of Each Other!

What!?! There are going to be people in Deep Ellum? Seriously?

Yep. Seriously.

This is going to kick ass. Fo' real. Let's see... where to start? Let's start chronologically.

3pm-12am @ Space Studio
2814 Main (the entrance is actually the door to the right marked "201")


: "Obscenely Unseen"

: Art, Music, Free Food and Free Wine & Soda (while they last, then BYOB)

Music: White Light Fever, Blackheart Society, Arguing Semantics, Robert Jones, The Vibes, Electric Church, The Grass Fight, The Pumpkin Sea, and DJ Fred Deviant

Artists: Jeremy Meador, Courtney Adams, Kate Martin, Robert Hudson, Alison Marie Welsh (that's me!), C.Kirk, Misty Maberry, Eric Baze, Clay Driver, and Studio Fling artists Paul, Rob Jr.

: Local Exposure (not Northern, but I do like that show, almost as good as Twin Peaks.)

7pm-10pm @ Kettle Art

Cost: FREE (donations, or you could buy some kick ass art)

Richard Ross!

: Richard Ross!

Why: Watch the video. You will either understand or perish.

8pm-2am @ Club Dada, The Bone & Sunshine Lot

Name: Town Square Project

$10 (or FREE with the bazillion FREE tickets floating around - we'll have some @ Space if
you need one)

: Oh, only a ton of bands, artists, a couple fashion shows, body painting, sideshow acts, and breakdancers

Why the heck not?

9pm @ All Good Cafe

Cost: $10

Name: The Backsliders/Mike's Birthday Par-tay

Who: You don't know who The Backsliders are? What do you live under a friggin rock?!?

What & Why: They'll be celebratin their award @ the DOMA and Mike's Birthday!

GO DOWN TO DEEP ELLUM. Have a good time. Meet some good peeps. Come enjoy the culture... and come see my art!

Oh, and for those of you have been bugging me to see some of my work... here's one that will be for sale tomorrow @ Space.
It's called "Prayer" & it's not a print. It's an original hand-inking.


Anonymous said...

So the Backsliders are not playing in the Sunshine parking lot and White Light Fever will not be at the Bone? Damn it! At least I can still see your art at Kettle.

Alison said...

Actually my art will be at Space not Kettle. Richard's art will be at Kettle. I will be in and out of ALL of these places, so you'll see me be-boppin around.