Thursday, August 30, 2007

Art Fighting Cancer

I am especially proud to be involved (or at least my artwork is involved) in this show:

"Studio Fling - Female Form Show - Breast Cancer Benefit
Friday, August 31, 2007
7pm - 11pm

This Friday from 7pm to about 11pm we will be throwing
a show with a theme of the female form. But this is deeper than just selling art, we will be donating 20% of every sell to help fight breast cancer. We have selected paintings that 100% of the sell will go towards the benefit. So please drop on by and support your local artist and help save some lives. We will also have live music by Electric Brown and free drinks. Be there or be square!

Call Rob Jr. for any q
uestions 817 929 6778"
-from Studio Fling

Just a taste of what's in store Friday night:

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Moving Forward

There is no way anyone could say that this past Saturday night in Deep Ellum was "just like the good old days". Whatever the hell that means. (Personally I am sick to death of people wanting things to be like the good old days... I mean come on. It's like Dallas has permanent old timer syndrome when it comes to this part of town.)

No, Saturday was not at all like the good old days, it was something different, something new. Deep Ellum is more like an organic family these days, rather than just a place to party or see shows.

Some of us are rich, some of us are poor. Some of us are creative, some of us appreciate creative ventures. We are people that have something very special in common. We care about our neighborhood. Whether we live here or make our way out every weekend, it's OUR neighborhood. We don't want to see our culture wiped away by some ridiculous strip mall.

THAT is what makes this place so damned important, so damned special. We care, and that simple emotion is what has brought together groups like DEEP, Town Square Project. "Obscenely Unseen", all new galleries and studios, all the family-owned restaurants and unique shops, and all the venues that are still having shows, still fighting where many have given up.

Saturday night four very special events occurred, that by themselves were neat, but together spawned an energy more powerful than I've seen in years, if ever.

A few important things that occurred:

Saturday I saw the Backsliders for the first time ever.

It was my first art show.

My friend Richard Ross had his solo show, which ruled.

I discovered a great band from Denton called The Grass Fight.

I got to hang out at Space with a TON of fun people.

I saw all the hard work that everyone involved in Town Square put in pay off. (They had music, art, fashion show, break dancers, and that's all I caught)

I found out that my scorpion earrings came from a flight attendant (thanks Gretchen).

I actually got to hang out with my boyfriend for the first time in what seemed like forever.

I wish I had more pictures to show you what occurred, but in the middle of the Backslider's set, my camera broke. I was; however, able to get a few photos tonight off my camera (and I think I still have the warranty somewhere). Wish I had more, but this is the best I can do for you.

Thank yous:

Mikey, C. Kirk, Danny, Hal Samples, Brandon, and every single person involved in "Obscenely Unseen".

The Grass Fight for being awesome.

Richard Ross for being a bad ass, and Kirk, Sergio, Frank, Amber, Frankie, Erica, and everyone who was at Kettle for also being general bad asses.

Johnny, Joe, Alex, Lee, Priscilla, Joe, Camille, Tom, Rob Jr., Paul, Rhonda, Ruth and All the wonderful people who busted their butts (especially Johnny) to make Town Square work, and work well.

Mike, Judith, Laura, The Backsliders and everyone over at All Good.

Every single person who had a great time, and especially those who put up with me getting hammered on three glasses of wine and one beer (first drinks in three months... I'd say sorry, but, eh, it happens to the best of us).

Mitchell. I love you.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Four Things To Do Tonight: All Within Walking Distance of Each Other!

What!?! There are going to be people in Deep Ellum? Seriously?

Yep. Seriously.

This is going to kick ass. Fo' real. Let's see... where to start? Let's start chronologically.

3pm-12am @ Space Studio
2814 Main (the entrance is actually the door to the right marked "201")


: "Obscenely Unseen"

: Art, Music, Free Food and Free Wine & Soda (while they last, then BYOB)

Music: White Light Fever, Blackheart Society, Arguing Semantics, Robert Jones, The Vibes, Electric Church, The Grass Fight, The Pumpkin Sea, and DJ Fred Deviant

Artists: Jeremy Meador, Courtney Adams, Kate Martin, Robert Hudson, Alison Marie Welsh (that's me!), C.Kirk, Misty Maberry, Eric Baze, Clay Driver, and Studio Fling artists Paul, Rob Jr.

: Local Exposure (not Northern, but I do like that show, almost as good as Twin Peaks.)

7pm-10pm @ Kettle Art

Cost: FREE (donations, or you could buy some kick ass art)

Richard Ross!

: Richard Ross!

Why: Watch the video. You will either understand or perish.

8pm-2am @ Club Dada, The Bone & Sunshine Lot

Name: Town Square Project

$10 (or FREE with the bazillion FREE tickets floating around - we'll have some @ Space if
you need one)

: Oh, only a ton of bands, artists, a couple fashion shows, body painting, sideshow acts, and breakdancers

Why the heck not?

9pm @ All Good Cafe

Cost: $10

Name: The Backsliders/Mike's Birthday Par-tay

Who: You don't know who The Backsliders are? What do you live under a friggin rock?!?

What & Why: They'll be celebratin their award @ the DOMA and Mike's Birthday!

GO DOWN TO DEEP ELLUM. Have a good time. Meet some good peeps. Come enjoy the culture... and come see my art!

Oh, and for those of you have been bugging me to see some of my work... here's one that will be for sale tomorrow @ Space.
It's called "Prayer" & it's not a print. It's an original hand-inking.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! I almost forgot "R" Day!!!!

I'm so friggin busy getting ready for this show on Saturday, that I nearly forgot about the magical day that is R. Thursday. Random art day. Almost forgot, but with a blissful fifty two minutes to spare, I'm slidin in by a nosehair. So enjoy your aRt, mate:

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Peas vs. Beans: The World of Dicky Van Tastic

On December 1st of 2006, I ventured into the Longhorn Ballroom to witness "Art Conspiracy". While there, I met tons of local artists, musicians, filmmakers, and general awed bystanders. This was also the night that I met the illustrious Richard Ross.

Richard is a tall guy with glasses and a big, warm smile. He's a full time appreciator. He appreciates the hell out of music, and is probably one of art's biggest fans. He comes off as shy, but once you get to know him, he's anything but reserved.

Richard(aka. Dicky Van Tastic)'s creations involve cartoon-like creatures that seem simple at first, until you step back and realize you are looking at a very intricate mythology, a social-commentary of sorts.

The Sub-Rosa is quite pleased to give you access to my friend Richard Ross:

SR: How did you get started as an artist?

RR: I guess it started with making flyers for the bands, or events I was in. I actually went into music, because I was told that I couldn't do art by a lot of people in my early years. I actually nearly failed art in high school. The teacher said that I couldn't draw as well as my older brother, and she was very disappointed in me. I've always needed to feel like I was creating something. I hate destructiveness. I feel weirdly incomplete if I'm not making something, or doing something.

Music was my release for many years, but I still drew during that time. It was from attention by my music that people started noticing my drawings, too. So about 15 years ago, I decided to focus more on my art than music. I was in my first show around 1996 in Fort Worth, and have been steadily continuing since.

SR: What shows have you been in?

RR: In the late 1990's and early 2000 I was in a hodge-podge of several shows. In 1999-2000, I was apart of 5 shows and did 2 solo shows. Most notable during that time were "DaDa" at AVAA in Austin, TX, "Transfusions" at The Art Corridor in Arlington, TX, "For Sale by Owner" at 7th Street Gallery in Fort Worth, "Art Walk" at TCJC NW Campus, and "Happy New Year" at Shadow Gallery.

I took 5 years off from shows, and returned after a friend talked me into being apart of the Lakewood Library annual show. From there, I started doing shows through Pigeon Stone project. Meeting Frank and Kirk at the Kettle Gallery in 2006 was when I really restarted doing shows on a regular basis. Since my return in 2005 I've been apart of 25 shows, and have done 3 solo shows. Going to NY city with Kettle Gallery for the AAF this past June was probably my biggest highlight so far.

SR: Tell me about the characters you create.

RR: Several years ago I had a job were I sat alone in an office by myself most of the day. It gave me a lot of time to think, and the weird thought that kept coming in my head was "the road to the store". I kept saying it over and over to myself. What it means to me is that as in life we are traveling along a road, going forward to a destination. I call that destination, the store. Its the store, because we go to the store to get something we want. So for me, the trip of life is a road to the store. My characters represent people we meet, pass by, see, or ignore along the road to the store.

The Peas and the Beans came from these figures, because I noticed that some of the characters I was drawing had round "pea" shaped heads, and some had oblong "bean" shaped heads. They represent the different shapes and sizes we come in, and the conflicts we have with each other based on our differences.

The "keyhole" figures represent the locked inner conscience we have in our public appearance. Basically the "keyhole" says that there's more inside than just the facade, and its protected. Some of these figures will appear two faced to show more complexity in the character. The "eyes" basically are the government, or overseers in some capacity. They're eyes that watch what we're doing. The "walking time bombs" are the unknowns with agendas that we encounter. The "angry city dwellers" yelling at the sun, are any of us who yell and complain despite the futility of it. Yelling at the sun because its hot really doesn't change the fact of the heat existing.

The add slogans are in there, because we're so subjected to advertisements that they have become part of our landscape. I also hope that when I get to the store, I might find some of what I want to be on sale.

SR: Who are your favorite local artists?

RR: I feel like if I answer this and leave out anyone's name, then I could upset some friends. I personally like a lot of people, and their work. I love everyone I've been involved with at the Kettle and Pigeon Stone.

I'm a struggling collector, and in my personal collection have managed to own pieces by local artists, Havi Frost, Mark Nelson, TonyBones, Jesse Hernandez, Jeff Aldridge, El Pelon, and Tom Sall. The rest of you, and you know who you are, trade a piece with me, please.

SR: Who are your favorite local bands/ DJs?

RR: Again this is one of the questions that I have a lot of friends who would get hurt if I don't put their name. There's too many for me to name. I'm a music junky. I did do art work for Black Heart Society and Lights of Dragna.

If I were forced to one local name, then I'd say Ricki Derek. He's my best and oldest friend, and his spirit of making things happen has always inspired me. I've also been in at least 2 bands with him, as well as the Night O' Cabaret .

Dj's is touchy, too. I've worked with Gabriel and Trish from the Lollipop Shop, and Marcos and Jason from the Smoke. I've worked with Mark Riddlin and David Paige in the past, and actually owe Dave a lot to my musical tastes of the past 10 years. Mwanza, Joel, Cameron, and Josh are all in my heart, too.

SR: I recall you've told me that you also DJ, can you tell me what that's like?

RR: I'm jokingly a DJ, DJ Dicky Van Tastic. I took the reigns of DJing the Night O Cabaret over from David Paige (with his blessing). He and I were room-mates, and we competed and collaborated our music collections with each other. Ricki Derek started a mod night several years ago, and had me help on that, too. Ricki and I did this again last year at the Monkey Bar for a few months. I've gotten to do the Lollipop Shop and the Smoke, because of this mod connection.

Honestly, I'm just a guy with a huge collection of music. I occasionally get to share that collection in a public venue. I think its awesome whenever that happens. Its some of my happiest time.

SR: Who's going to win, the beans or the peas?

RR: If either of them ever win, then we've all lost.

SR: What's your favorite drink (alcoholic or non)?

RR: Ice tea (I'm from the south, so, yep, its sweetened). I've also been known to drink me some Wild Turkey.

SR: Where do you want to go with your art?

RR: In life, we each have the opportunity to make a sound. The goal of my art is that hopefully the sound I'm making with my life might get heard.

SR: Earth or Mars?

RR: I'll stick with Earth. she's done me pretty good so far. Not to say that Mars doesn't look tempting, but its so difficult to keep those affairs out of the tabloids.

Richard's one night only solo show is this Saturday at 7pm at Kettle Art in Deep Ellum on Elm St (near Club Dada). Please come out and show your support... and buy a pea or bean while you're at it.
Also, click here for a look at a video interview recently conducted with Mr. Ross from the crew over at Kettle Art.

-written by Alison Marie Welsh
-photos from Dicky Van Tastic's myspace page (B&W photos by Erica Felicella)

Monday, August 20, 2007

Two Great Art Shows

I am sick. It sucks. Stupid air pollution weather crap is dying in my throat.

Anyway, I am staying home trying to get better because there are too many fun things going on this week. It's my very first art show! Here's a press release I tossed together for the big ol' happy time:

"Saturday, August 25th, at 3pm art and music attack Space Studio. “Obscenely Unseen” features not only great music, but great art as well!

Acts include White Light Fever, Blackheart Society, Arguing Semantics, Robert Jones, The Vibes, Electric Church, The Grass Fight, The Pumpkin Sea, and DJ Fred Deviant. The first band goes on at 4pm.

While you bob your head to some righteous tunes, you can gaze at artwork by Jeremy Meador, Tony Bones, Courtney Adams, Kate Martin, Robert Hudson, Alison Marie Welsh, C.Kirk, Misty Maberry, Eric Baze, Clay Driver, and Studio Fling artists Paul, Rob Jr., and Tony.

This is a BYOB event, so run to the nearest store and load up your sack! The cover is only $5, a measly amount of change for the vast amount of noise and visuals within.

This event is hosted by Mikey Branton and Matt Craddock at Space Studio located at 2814 Main St, Dallas, TX 75214. Please contact Mikey at for any further information.

Also, that night, my pal Richard Ross is having a one night solo show at Kettle Art. You really need to see that one too, and it's walking distance from our show at Space.

I love Richard's stuff. In fact, I own two of his pieces! Check back in with the Sub-Rosa Wednesday for a very special interview with Richard.

Friday, August 17, 2007

House Party

Why the heck are all these neat shows/events going on during the ONLY Saturday night I am indisposed serving drunk whinny people food this month? Does some jerk have a copy of my work schedule? (I am raising my fists at this imaginary person as I write this... well one of them.)

If you can't go to Studio Fling or ArtClub this Saturday, and happen to be in the Denton area, stop by 411a Panhandle (exit Ft. Worth Dr/Carroll off 35, and go north and turn right on Panhandle) for a HOUSE PARTY. Some of the best gigs I've seen lately are at house parties, and this one features Fishboy, The Tah-Dahs, Patience Please and MC Router. Oh, and you can say goodbye to three guys named Matt. (Or hello, as the case may be.)

Here's a video about the notorious Fishboy and one of the Tah-Dahs I found on You Tube for your enjoyment, and to get you psyched for the par-tay:

Fishboy! Musician of the Year!

The Tah-Dahs

Thursday, August 16, 2007

A Nifty Fling on Saturday

These crafty creatures are throwing a shin-dig/art show Saturday night at their gallery in Deep Ellum.

What? Deep Ellum? You mean it's safe to go down there? That's right folks, contrary to all the hype, Deep Ellum is not the war zone it's cracked up to be. In fact, if you venture to Studio Fling Saturday night, I bet you won't only have a good time, but might meet a group of friendly folks that will put Deep Ellum back on your map.

Oh, and Holy Diver, a local laugh-out-loud cover band, is playing, so make sure to leave all grumpiness behind, 'cause there's no room for that nonsense when these guys take the stage! (Also, if you check out their myspace page you can see an awful picture of me drunkenly flipping off everyone...)

Yeah, I know I've been pumping Deep Ellum a lot this week, but I live here, so I suppose I have a neighborhood interest. :) - That's right. A smiley face.

Today... If You Love or Loved Deep Ellum...

Give it back. This show benefits some people who are making an effort to rejuvenate their 'hood. DEEP (The Deep Ellum Enrichment Project) is hosting a show over at the Curtain Club, and holy moly it's worth your time. Be there at 10pm sharp because if you haven't seen Laura and Frankie play together, you're missing out on a terrific little acoustic show. So, 'round up the troops. It's time to show some love.

PS- More on DEEP to come.

"R"day: This Week's Random Art

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Greatest Show On Earth

Now that's a title with promise! If you're like most hipsters, you know that the place to be these days is down in Exposition Park.

Locals love to sing karaoke at The Meridian Room (which had some pretty damned good art the last time I was there), catch some live jazz and delicious beverages at The Amsterdam Bar, do laundry at The Bar of Soap, get their hair cut at Rob's Chop Shop, eat some tasty late night treats at Exposition Park Cafe, and party it up over at The Fallout Lounge and Mink.

Have you checked out The ArtClub yet? Well, this Saturday night might be a good time to try it out. They're having a little something special that night, and since I have to work and can't be there in person, you should pop in and let me know what goes down:



I saw this today and thought it looked interesting. Pawn is usually pretty creative with their events, and mixin it up is always fun!

"Saturday, September 15 at 7:30pm at Pawn Gallery

The Pawn Gallery and friends will be commemorating what would be Marc Bolan of T.Rex fame's 60th Birthday and the 30th anniversary of his untimely death on September 16, 1977. Marc Bolan and T.Rex were a massive influence on punk rock and the 1990s Britpop movement. In fact, many acts claim, or are known, to have (allegedly) taken portions of T. Rex songs for use in "original" compositions. Bolan took to wearing top hats and feather boas on stage as well as putting drops of glitter on each of his cheekbones bringing the concept of glam rock to the stage.

R.S.V.P. is required in order to get a free ticket (while they last), otherwise guests will have to take their chances behind the velvet ropes. There will be Djs, Movies and Memorabilia with plenty of Asti Spumanti and cold duck to put the mood right. R.S.V.P. by phone before September 7 with your mailing address to 214.453.3885. Attire: Glamorous."

-taken from Pawn Gallery

Monday, August 13, 2007

On The Way!

Wow. I've received a staggering amount of support and positive feedback about The Sub-Rosa in the past few days. I just wanted to say thank you to all my readers.

I've got a lot going on in the next couple weeks. I'm getting ready for two art shows. One will be on August 25th @ Space in conjuncture with the show White Light Fever's putting on called "Obscenely Unseen".

By the way, they are still looking for local artists to participate. If you know anyone interested in showing, contact Mikey @ White Light Fever's myspace (#1 featured link).

The other show is on September 15th @ Kettle Art. I am honored to show with other great female artists Havi Frost, Marie Sena, Erica Felicella, Judith Lea Perkins, and Cathy Miller. This show is entitled "Another Little Piece of My Art" and is during the Deep Ellum Art Walk.

I'll clue you in on more information about these events closer to their dates.

So, you can see that I won't have a whole ton of time for interviews in the next few weeks. Do not fear! I have a little something planned for this week, and Thursday is "R"day.

Soon to Come: Richard Ross, Studio Fling, Havi Frost, DEEP, and more.

Until then, here's a video on Mr. Ross, a neat video from Faux Fox (motorcycles, hot chicks, and Grease references... what more do you want?), and a poem I wrote a while back that might make you scratch your head.

Which reminds me, I'd love to have more creative writing on here. If you are a poet or writer, shoot me an email @ with a couple examples of your work. Who knows? I might just post 'em up!


Artist Richard L. Ross

Faux Fox - Nothing Gold


A moor to the mist,
In a caption less
In a theater with
The lights dim low
As the dark doth glow
In the absence
Of all
That is lit.

Social scene
Quick to the end.
Back of the bearer
Dying to defend.

Down on the ground
Whistle and swish
The glass,
The sound,
And the break,
Whilst the eye ducts water
When the mood starts to

Meal over Miami
Thick air streams over jet
Sparkle grows to nausea
And the night's plans
Are set.

And fervor,
Plus a few lines of blow,
Give the highlife
It' glamour
And the Moonlight
It's show.

A fast-growing fish
Set to tether
And hold up to the
As the guppies
Race to the dish.

Oh balder bee
You incessant steed
Stamping the boys
In the hitch
Helping the hep
To fall in step
Like a good-fellow
Beatnik bitch.

-by Alison Marie Welsh

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Makin T-shirts, Makin Art. How C. Kirk Smith Will Make You Smile

C. Kirk Smith is a thin, bald, white guy that seamlessly blends in with a crowd, until you notice the purely one-of-a-kind t-shirt he happens to be wearing any given day. He made it himself. That’s not all he’s made. He’s one badass prolific artist, and we sure are lucky to have him here in Dallas. That…and he’s a nice guy.
C. Kirk’s become one of my favorite people as of late, not just because I love his t-shirts, but when you’re talking to him, he gives you his undivided attention. It’s hard to say that about most people these days.
Here’s a look at a fella worth getting to know:

SR: Tell us about how you got started as an artist.

CKS: I became interested in art when I was just a little boy. I was so young that I don’t even remember our [Kirk and his mother] sittings together. She just told me about it once. I used to make my mother draw pictures of the Incredible Hulk for me. One day she said I complained about drawing, and she explained that was the best she could do. Afterward she told me to do it myself.

SR: Where have you shown, and what shows have you been a part of?

CKS: For the most part, I’m self-taught, but I’m okay with that. George Washington & Abe Lincoln were also self-educated men. So I had a rough start. I didn’t know anyone in the business or any other artists for that matter. My first exhibit was at Starbucks at Preston & Royal. After a while I heard about the Texas Visual art association and joined for a year. Since then I’ve shown at Half Price Books on NW HWY, Medical City off Forest Lane, the Contemporary, C.L. Studios, El Centro College, The DCCCD Regional Service Center, City Gallery, 500X, a Few times with Kettle Art, monthly with Second Saturday At South Side On Lamar, and I’m booked for a while into the future. I’m so very pleased.

SR: Who are some of your favorite local artists?

CKS: Some of my favorite local artists, that’s a good question. I love R. Thies work. A talented artist with, knowledge of vocabulary and a goofy sense of humor like my own. I also like Richard Ross, for sure. I love his characters and scenes, not to mention his generosity. I also think Johnothan Kimbrell has really found his area of expertise. I also really like Walter Johnson Jr. He makes these great Africanized relief sculptures from tape, sand, and paint. They’re so cool.

SR: Tell us about the process you use to create your pieces.

CKS: There’s not much to tell there. I usually don’t give them much forethought. I don’t do preliminaries, but some of them, mostly my print work (T-shirts & Paintings), start with just a mental concept. My sculpture however, becomes what it becomes. I usually talk to my higher power before & during the work. My wife hears me muttering, and she probably thinks I’m talking to myself, but I’m not…I’m speaking to my own concept of God. It amazes me the work that can manifest when I’m in my element, doing what I love, and believing in something far greater than myself.

SR: How do you enjoy spending your free time?

CKS: I love to learn new things, read, and watch movies to just veg out. I’m a workaholic though, so I don’t usually have much free time. When I just lay around, my wife thinks I’m sick because it’s so uncommon.

SR: What are your plans for the future of your art career?

CKS: My plans for the future are of course, to show as much as possible, 3 or 4 times a month sounds like a good number, but more if I’m able.
Also, I’m taking baby steps toward starting a nonprofit organization called Feed An Artist Inc. that will share experience, skills, and commission-free space with other artists asking for nothing in return. It’s already begun to materialize online, and I have a great mentor I’m modeling myself after. He told me once, “If you want to get somewhere in life…help others get there first.” I love that idea. There’s a kind of simple beauty in it.

SR: What do you like about the Denton/Ft. Worth/ Dallas area?

CKS: Well, I love that Dallas is trying to grow its art scene. I like Deep Ellum and hated to see the tunnel go. As far as the weather, I can’t get into it. For anyone who complains they hate Dallas, I say to them, “I’ve seen better & I’ve seen worse…much worse.”

SR: How do you feel about the Deep Ellum area and it's artistic community?

CKS: I love Deep Ellum & ride through [it] almost everyday. I like most of the folks and the sense of community there. I hope we can all pull together so people will come back and visit us. My wife Erika and I were in Plano the other day on business, and she just loved it. Erika went on about how clean and nice it was and compared it to where we live in South Dallas. It was nice. It was clean, but there was no local flavor, and none of the businesses had any individuality or personality, that I saw anyway. Everything looked the same. Women. Just kidding. I love my wife Erika. She’s a great, she’s supportive, and she’s a fabulous artist as well.

SR: Miracle Whip or Mayonnaise?

CKS: Mayonnaise definitely, but only on chicken sandwiches and food were bacon is in the receipt.

If you’d like to see more of C. Kirk’s artwork just visit his myspace page at

-written by Alison Marie Welsh
-photos courtesy C. Kirk's myspace page