Tuesday, December 15, 2009

My Other Bolg

The Sub-Rosa is no longer an active blog, as I am no longer as involved with the political, art and music scenes here in Dallas. I will keep all the old interviews up on this site for interested parties.

I now actively post creative writing on another blog called Black Boots and Buttered Beans. I encourage all fans of my writing to hop over to the new blog for poems, stories, shorts, and various other snippets.


Friday, February 13, 2009

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

No Idea

This looks worth a damn. From Aaron Carlos Gonzalez:

"No Idea Festival 2009, Fort Worth


Annette Krebs (Berlin)
Mike Maxwell
Sarah Alexander

Jason Kahn (Zurich)

Chris Cogburn (Austin)
Michael Chamy
Nevada Hill

Tatsuya Nakatani (PA)
Dennis Gonzalez

Stefan Gonzalez
Aaron Gonzalez

Tuesday, February 24th
@ Lola's Saloon
2736 West 6th Street
Fort Worth, Texas 76107
(817) 877-0666

This is the first night of the No Idea Festival, which will be continued in Austin, San Antonio, Houston and New Orleans. This is the sixth No Idea Festival, and the first time that it has been brought to North Texas. No Idea Fest is a Texas based, internationally reaching improvised music festival."

- picture from the Tatsuya myspace page.


This was posted by Kettle Art Gallery today:

"Hosted By:
Dicky Van Tastic

Friday, February 06, 2009

The Kettle
2714 Elm St

1st ever sketchbook, sketch off, sketch happening, you sketch my back and I'll sketch yours, sketch sale, let's get together and sketch-a-thon, at the Kettle Gallery in Deep Ellum."

Sunday, February 1, 2009

New Art Site

Well I freaking finally started a damned site for my art called Vieux et Nouveau. You should check it out.

Starting next week I will be creating a piece a week (god help me), as a challenge to myself. We'll see how it goes...

Friday, January 30, 2009

Very Important

This is genius. Plain and simple. Don't know or care about the dude, but the promo is awesome! (Awesome said in little John Stewart imitation voice.)


The usual. Art. Fashion. Sex.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ass Replacement

I had the biggest laugh when I realized that this is serious.

Yes, you too can take fat from your body and insert it into your ass. Forget workouts or being NORMAL, you can join the millions of freaks that love them some lypo!

I read this in DBeauty ('cause I was insanely BORED), and couldn't believe that people do this stuff. Wait, this is Dallas, of course people do this stuff here.

From the mag:

"Does your booty need a boost? If so, then Innovations MedSpa’s Brazilian Lift could be the answer. The lift provides clients with a “fuller, rounder behind” by removing fat from one area (read: thighs) and transferring it to the rear. Chief of staff Bill Johnson, M.D., says the treatment takes two hours, leaves less scarring than other procedures, and has a higher rate of permanent success. Consultations are free. 12660 Coit Rd., Ste. 100. 972-331-8844. innovationsmedspa.com."

Brazilian Lift? I didn't know Brazil was like that... I thought they just liked ripping off hair and soccer.

picture from DBeauty

Tapes n Tapes

I really, really like one song by Tapes n Tapes. Insistor. I don't give much of a shit about them besides that, but they are popular with the kiddos. Just follow the trendy line of guys with greasy long locks and bad facial hair with their spent-two-hours-trying-to-look-like-I-just-threw-this-outfit-together girlfriends down to Club Dada on Jan. 30th.

I'm always interested as to why a well known, fairly hip band would choose Dada when they could fill out Palladium or The Granada, 'cause it beats the hell outta me. Dada seems small, but who knows, maybe Deep Ellum will be a bustlin on a nice chilly 36 degree night.

Here's the video for Insistor:

F Shit Up

I have no idea how the hell I missed this, but apparently people were destroying art at the Amsterdam Bar this past Sunday. You can catch a pretty darn nifty slideshow of the chaos here.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Get Out Of My Goat!

So, there's this bar...

(No, it's not the start of a joke with a priest and Rabbi, though I do know this really good one...)

... called The Goat (formerly The Lota's Goat). Mitch and I have an odd connection to this place. I went there years and years ago with old colleagues to get hammered and sing karaoke. It's where I first decided that I LOVE Journey. Mitch went there as well, before we met, to play in a pool league with a bunch of rednecks and very drunk Native Americans.

Here's another guy's opinion of this little blues bar from 2005:

"The place reminds me of a old trucker bar. The bathroom is nasty and most often has a pungent smell of urine and vomit, mostly fri and sat night. But that's when you know your at a party! The bands are pretty good, mostly classic and almost blue'sy but they try to keep the volume right so you can still talk to the ladies!!! Great Place to pick up older ladies But give em a squeeze check in front before you take-em home.
And there's that guy ! I dont know his name but he looks like a Stan or a Burt,anyway every time I've been in there he falls down. I think he's just clumsy but it could be the booze or maybe his presciption meds! Who knows but I did enjoy watching him fall , laughing everytime, not feeling bad for him at all !!! I get a great laugh every time I go!!! A great place to check out Saturday but dont stay too long you might gat trapped in the Twilight Zone."

The Goat is a hole-in-the-wall place that you go to and don't have to worry about being hip or cool... until now.

We went there to have a beer and shoot the shit with some friends that work there Sunday night. Gone were the older folks playing pool, and the women with missing teeth. Who was there? Hipsters. It was beyond bizarre. It wasn't even the hipster kids I'm used to, the ones with whom you can have a conversation about something other than the best 80's album that they weren't even alive for.

How the hell did a place that was so uncool and comforting become full of ultra-selfconscious douchebags that treat this site as a damned bible?

Don't get me wrong, I happen to enjoy reading We Shot Jr from time to time (I like their interviews), but when the lame, hang-on-to-whatever-someone-tells-me-is-cool-even-if-it's-eating-my-recently-severed-leg morons start descending en-mass to a sanctuary of anti-cool, it gets annoying.

Thursday, January 22, 2009


Kettle Art Gallery is hosting a show this weekend with featuring a wonderful artist: Judith Lea Perkins. Too bad I don't get off work until 10pm, but you should go for me. You'll be happy you did.

Check it:

NX35 Showcase

Saw this posted today by Jetscreamer:

Please excuse the hastiness of this post, but I'm in the midst of doing a million things right now!

www. nx35. com

Deadline to apply is midnight tonight!

If you're going to be coming this way for SXSW or live close enough to Denton you might want to stop through and play the NX35 showcase. It's the first year it's being held in Denton and there are spots left. I would especially encourage those of you who are coming from overseas, out of state, etc. that are looking for dates in Denton. Notification is by Feb 3, so you'll have plenty of time to plan it out.

register at sonicbids.

input promo code Promo code: SonicDA07 that will allow you to apply for stuff for free for 6 months.

sonicbids link
http://www. electronicpresskit. net/Opportunity/OpportunityView. aspx?opportunity_id=14022&account_id=

some more info:
"NX35 Music Conferette is a first-year music conference programming over 130 acts, multiple panels, Q&As,and a trade show in the heart of Denton, Texas — the other, smaller, music town in Texas.

The Conferette takes place at 12 participating venues all within the walkable 4-block area surrounding the Denton courthouse square.
www. nx35. com


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Hell And Yes: OBAMA!

So, I've spent a good amount of the day in tears of joy. To have such an eloquent individual as the head of my country is amazing, if not staggering to my jaded conscious. Such a captivating speaker as Obama brings my little stringy heart joy.

Words really do escape the mind when in the midst of such a beautiful, historic event. I'm floored by the amount of peaceful human life that ascended the capital this day. I could list every tear-jerking moment, but instead I'll just congratulate our new president, the man with the most difficult job in the world: Mr. President Obama.

Good luck, it's going to be a long, hard, uphill road, but we're ready for it.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Change Muthas

Eight years of crap are over. My only complaint: Fucking W is coming to town. Literally. That unintelligent jerk is moving to the hood in which I work. Thank god I am trying to transfer to a new store.

Anyhow, all Bushes aside, we get a new intelligent, charismatic president. The most well-spoken, in my opinion, president since Kennedy. We may not get as much change as soon as we want, but at least we will cease to look like morons in front of the rest of the world. GO OBAMA! Lookin' forward to tomorrow! Here he is:

FYI: I'm back to keeping this site going, but I'm taking it in a more, well, relevant to my existence direction. More local stuff and art, but let's hold the crap and get real. Dallas is seriously effed up, and I'm done with the sentimental hometown shit. Dallas you owe us good peoples a good freakin time while we're here, and I'm holding your ass to it.

:) Now for love...


Saturday, September 20, 2008


It's been fun writing about the art, music, ect. in DFW/Denton, but like all good things, The Sub-Rosa has come to an end. I very rarely have the time, gas, ect. to go out to the events I write about on here, so it seems silly to continue to write about them at this time. I'll be leaving the site up for a while so you can view all the interviews if you so desire.

There are still a lot of great things going on, and I suggest you check out some of the links on the sidebar for further info. Also, KERA has a great site called Art & Seek that is very comprehensive, current and user friendly for all your art, music, ect. needs.

Let's just say I'm suffering from a serious case of burn out. At this time, I'm focusing more on my own personal creativity and pursuits. This may not be the very end of The Sub-Rosa, but I need an extended period of hibernation. DFW/Denton, it's been real, and I wish you the best of luck.


Thursday, August 28, 2008

Stuff Going On In Deep Ellum

Aug 28 Art in Celebration benefit for Gustavo Ipiña Memorial Scholarship Fund at Gallery 2910
Aug 28 Indian Jewelry at The Lounge on Elm St
Aug 29 A Decade of Texas Music Photography at Kettle Art Gallery
Aug 29 The O’s, Smile Smile and Glen Reynolds at Double Wide
Aug 30 Eek-A-Mouse at Palm Beach Reggae Club
Aug 30 GBH at Prophet Bar
Aug 30 Town Square Project event at Club Dada
Sept 4 Horse the Band/Heavy Heavy Low Low at The Door
Sept 6 Bar of Soap benefit show
Sept 7 Beard-a-fit 2 at Club Dada
Sept. 9 Deep Ellum Mixer at Lounge on Elm St
Sept 9 365 Days left till DART Green Rail line opens
Sept 13 Deep Ellum Art Walk with cooperation and in conjunction with DADA art walk
Sept 13 End of Summer BBQ blowout and Deep Ellum Art Walk After Party at Club Dada
Sept 16 These Are Powers/When Dinosaurs… at The Lounge on Elm St
Sept 18 Deke Dickerson at AllGood Cafe
Sept 18 Airline at the Prophet Bar
Sept 18 Something in the Wheel at the Live at Mokah Lounge
Sept 20 Lucid Space, Unit 9 and Corridor Space Exhibits at UTD Central Trak Gallery
Sept 22 The Queers at Double-wide
Sept 25 Laura Harrell, Frankie 45 and Dave Little at AllGood Cafe
Sept 26 Texas State Fair begins
Sept 26 Culture Prophet at The Lounge on Elm St
Sept 28 Thrasher Magazine presents the Dirty Devil Race to Hell Tour at Club Dada
Oct 17 Tomorrow People, Milky Soul (LA) at Double Wide
Oct 19 Texas State Fair ends

Oct 23 Wantain (Sweden) at Reno’s

Jason Janik

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Everyone's Getting the Hell Out of Town

Since I am looking to hop on the moving band wagon (yes, the Rockies are calling my name), I saw this and giggled. From Laura Palmer:

"Many of you know we're moving, but did you know so are everyone else??
I just went to a going away party on Saturday (apologies if I barfed on you), and now I'm playing at one THIS SUNDAY 8/31. And it's not even mine! My good friends Aaron and Samantha are the ones going away this time. You know Sam. She's the one who punched you in the face and then dry humped you as you lay on the ground.
The whole thing is happening at:
Double Wide
9:00 PM
and features the music and wisdom of yours truly and Tiger Moth.

It will be the second to last Laura Palmer show in Dallas and, if I'm in the right mood, I might tell you to fuck off. If I'm in the wrong mood, I might tell you I love you.
Be there!


Thursday, August 21, 2008

Studio Fling Benefit Show

From Fling:

" We are having a benefit show this Saturday to help Studio Fling stay strong! The $5 cover is to help us raise money to get a sign, pay rent, and get new lighting. Free drinks, music....nothing loud haahaa, and the back room will be dedicated to artwork thats $100 and under. Thats right, $100 DOLLARS AND UNDER! So please come on out and show your support for Fling and its artist. The show starts at 7pm this Saturday and will end around 11pm."